How forwarding your mail, saves your time, money and hassle?

If you live in the USA, UK, AUS or EU and want to avoid hassles when it comes to overbearing customs controls, mail forwarding services like, and others offer an easy solution. You spent all that time doing careful research and invested your money in that online perfect generic medication from India… imagine the frustration of losing it to a nosy customs officer!

Just say NO to this all-too-frequent inconvenience with our easy guide:

    1. Know the rules. Don’t try to ship in something that’s highly illegal. That said, unlicensed drugs of any kind aren’t allowed in by UK or EU customs regulations, even though they may be just off-label versions of products you can legally buy at home. That means a particular medication you picked up on vacation is likely to get seized in the airport customs line… When it comes to the postal service, even a harmless weightlifting supplement like creatine could be taken because it’s in a generic, unlicensed packaging. While a country wants to protect its citizens, these kinds of overbearing efforts can get in the way of affordability and individual choice.
  1. Do some homework. Find a mail forwarding service you can trust. Look for reviews from real people, check prices, and see if the company has been in business for a while. A good site should offer both a parcel forwarding calculator a table clearly stating their fees for various services.
  1. Set up an account with the mail forwarding service. Once you find the right service, create an account. Keep the forwarding address provided handy for when it’s time to order your goods. Keep track of the subscription details so that you’ll know what to expect. For example, will you be notified by the mail forwarding service when your package arrives? Or will it be automatically sent to your doorstep in discreet packaging?
  1. Place your order(s). As you checkout in the online shopping cart, use the forwarding service address as your shipping address. Keep in mind that you can have multiple packages delivered to the forwarding service. Check when your orders are expected to arrive and track them carefully. Some mailing services charge daily fees to hold your items, so knowing exactly when to expect their delivery can mean a big difference in pricing.
  1. Decide how to get your items. Most mail forwarding companies will repackage multiple items together and ship them to you together, others ship you repackaged parcels as they arrive. With some forwarding services, you can pick up your parcels in person, saving you money on a second round of mail and additional risk of getting your packages taken.
  1. While it might seem like more work to get a mail forwarding service involved, this extra step means the difference between hassle-free orders to your doorstep and expensive losses from confiscated packages. If you’re tired of dealing with customs, mail forwarding services offer a way to get around hassles and get the items you want successfully delivered.