At customers privacy is accorded high importance and we consider it to be one of our priority areas. We ensure complete protection of customers data and maintain the confidentially of it at all stages throughout the buying process. Below mentioned are the policies we adopt which we gather, use and maintain for our customers.

1. Personal Information:
– We take the sole rights in maintaining and protecting the information that are shared to us by the customers. We also ensure that our customers provide the updated information. -We have a provision enabling customers to update or change any relevant information.
– Customers will be informed prior about the policies that we follow with regards to information collection. We would be glad to address the queries of our customers pertaining to the company’s privacy practices and procedures.

2. Collection of Personal Information: collects only vital information those are necessary to process the order. Below is the following information:
-Personal Information such as name, home and cell phone numbers and Email ID.
-Payment information such as details of credit card and banking details.

3. Use of personal information:
We collect personal information from our customers with an objective to serve them better and faster and to effectively offer their preferred services.

4. Security Practices:
– adheres to strict security practices thus ensuring customers personal information against inappropriate use, disclosure or alteration.
-We deploy some latest technological tools to thwart any data theft on customer’s personal information.
-We sign confidentiality agreements with our employees at the time of joining. They are liable to be dismissed if at all they venture into the confidentiality zone without proper authorization.

5. Maintaining Updated Information:
-Customers are provided with the option to modify their information as and when they required, and we will be in a position to fix any clerical errors that is caused from our side.
-Customers’ can intimate about any incorrect information and we in turn will update the changes at their behest.

6. Policy Update:
-We constantly make some additions, modification and insertions to the existing policy from time to time.
-Customers will get to know about the changes and updates in our privacy policy column.